Roderick Family History

Reunion 2004

The 2004 Roderick reunion was held in Pecan Gap, Texas on July 23rd and 24th. Over 100 Rodericks, relatives and friends attended the event which began with an all-u-can-eat fish fry Friday night. On Saturday, there was a Bar-B-Q at the Community Center and Pavilion. Reverend Earl Roderick (LA) began Saturday’s program with a blessing for us and for the food. Our thanks to Orman and June Roderick for the wonderful food and the preparations. Thanks to everyone who brought the delicious desserts. Following the Bar-B-Q, Larry Roderick re-told the Frederick Roderick story, followed by some information on the 4 Roderick brothers who came from North Carolina in the 1800’s to the Pecan Gap area. Larry also provided results of the DNA tests that he and a Rothrock underwent to determine if we had a common relative. Thankfully, results showed that there is no common ancestor in the near past (thousands of years). In other words, Frederick Roderick was not a Rothrock. After this, many of the attendees went to the local cemetery, containing at least 37 Roderick graves. Many thanks for those of you who brought old pictures, etc.